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Instagram Login – Instagram Login With Facebook

by Christy Bassey

You can sign in your Instagram account using two methods which are my preferred Instagram Login steps. Either through the direct method which inputting all your login details, or using your Facebook account. With this entry, losing your Instagram account would nearly be impossible. This is because the best way to secure your account is to secure your Instagram Login details.

Instagram Login - Instagram Login With Facebook

So, if you have not connected your two accounts together, then do it now. But while doing it, take note that your account security is also important to prevent problems later on. Always make sure you keep your Instagram Login details safe and don’t tell anyone what it is.

How to Login Your Instagram Account Directly

To login your account directly is easy to do, just follow the steps I will be listing for you below and you would be done in no time:

  • First, open your Instagram sign in page.
  • Then enter your username, phone number or email address.
  • Then enter your password correctly.
  • And finally, click sign in.

And that is it. nothing more than that. When you inputting your login detail, it is required that you use one of the following details, your username, email address or phone number.

Instagram Login using Facebook

To sign in using Facebook is not as hard as it sounds. Just follow the steps I will be stating for you below:

  • First, open the sign in page for Instagram
  • Click login with Facebook account
  • Then enter your Facebook username and password
  • And finally, click login

And that is it, nothing more.

How-to Sign-Up Instagram Account Using Facebook

Signing up your Instagram account using Facebook is also very possible. plus, using Facebook makes the process even easier. Here is how to sign up your Instagram account using Facebook:

  • First, visit Instagram.com
  • Then click login with Facebook
  • The login portal will appear
  • Since you are not yet on Instagram, click the sign-up icon

Once you have signed up, your Facebook details would automatically appear. With that, you can start enjoying the platform as much as you want to. With that, accessing your Instagram account would be much easier and better for you if you have a Facebook account.

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