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Jumia Black Friday – Jumia Black Friday Deals 2019

by Christy Bassey

Whenever it’s the month of November, there always a giveaway or thanksgiving on various online shopping stores. If you usually do a lot of shopping in November you would know what we are talking about. Every November or second to the last month of the year comes the Black Friday thanksgiving season. Online shopping store like Jumia is taking advantage of the celebration in offering people with amazing shopping discount on special deals which is known as the Jumia Black Friday.

Jumia Black Friday - Jumia Black Friday Deals 2019

Most of us are aware that Jumia is a Nigeria online shopping platform and practically one of the best shopping platforms in Nigeria. This current year which is the Jumia Black Friday 2019 appears to be a fascinating concept which lots of shopping deals to go for. For all customers that love shopping on Jumia can get to chance to enjoy exclusive deals that come at a massive discount. However, during the Jumia Black Friday, you can purchase items that are put up for the exclusive Black Friday deals at a massive discount.

What are the Exclusive Deals on Jumia Black Friday?

If you have experienced the Black Friday before, you known have come across exciting deals. Currently, Jumia has put up to over 1,000,000 deals in which you can select from. Also, joining the exclusive deals includes SAMSUNG, BINATON, NEXUS, HP, Microsoft, UKA, and others as well. However, there are lots of deals coming up this month, and there are countless deals for sale. Therefore, in other not to miss out on the deals, you can start connecting with the platform, to view deals as well as starting dates.

When does Jumia Black Friday Start and when does it end?

On the contrary, there is no time to wait because the Jumia Black Friday has been announced and starting from next week begins the sales of amazing deals. However, the Black Friday shopping deals appear to be every Friday of the month of November. Starting from next week which is Friday, November 8 at 12 AM Midnight. We also have other dates like 15, 22, and 29 of November, and as you can see it’s every Friday.

Keep in mind, during that day, special deals are put up every 2 to 1 hour depending on the particular time. For instance, deals will be put for Friday, Nov 8 to Saturday, Nov 9 which will end by 10:00 am on Saturday morning. Each Friday new deal is usually put up for sale and after that time allocated, the deals will close and you can wait for another time but not that particular item you want to purchase.

Other Exclusive Deals During the Jumia Black Friday

Moreover, it’s not just discounts you get from purchasing items that are placed for the black Friday deals. But also, there are other exclusives deals or special offered plans for you black Friday. This includes 14 treasure hunts at 99% off the items you find during the treasure hunts. Also, flash sales of over 30 which is up to 70% off. Other includes free delivery from the app as well as Live Giveaway. Visit www.jumia.com.ng/black-friday/ and see more deals you can’t wait to purchase.

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