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Real friends make the world a better place for us to live in. They rock our world, they are the backbone and never-failing shoulders to lean on in time of needs and heart-break. Friends bring joy, laughter, sunshine to our lives. They are the only people who give bad advic with good intentions. They back up  you into achieving some of our silly and mischievous antics. They inconvenience us yet they sparkle our lives.

They are the people who truly knows us  You can never pretend to your real friends. You could fake it for your family but not friends. Everyone deserves a real friend in their life. Not those flaky fake friends, who will tell your tale to the available ears.

There are two kinds of people in the world. The extrovert and introvert. The out going and sassy people do not have much problems when it comes to making friends. They are great conversationalist. They can start-up conversation with just anyone and hold conversations too. But the elusive individuals on the other hand are always faced with the challenges of making or keeping friends. The only friends they have are the ones with common interests as them. But outside their comfort zone, they find is extremely difficult to relate with others. To solve a difficult problem is much easier for them than to make friends.

How To Make Friends Online And Outside World

First and foremost be a friend to yourself first, love yourself and work on yourself. You can not give what you do not have. Be a type of friend you want to attract. Let go of the sneaky attitudes you may have. Equip yourself to welcome others who are not your family into your life and be ready to make adjustments.

Cut down on the icy vibes. Most people want to have and make friends, but countenance is not on the friendly side. How do you want a sane person to approach you? You clothe yourself with pride and arrogant attitude and want people to befriend you. People want peace. The funniest part is that we still complain about not having friends. You can not be a jerk or the type that push people away and expect people to befriend. It doesn’t happened.

For those who want to make friends within their circle of interest. You have to be practical about it. You are the one looking for something. You have to work towards it. Go to places you are likely to meet these set of people. Start up a conversation by making pleasant remark about what they wear, or the environment. Do not start-up any conversation on controversial topics. For instance, you could start by making remarks about the place. Do this with a friendly face and smile. Please be politically correct.

For some that do not like social places but prefer social media as their medium for making friends. Search for people of like minds, comment and like their post. Send them direct messages. Do not say awkward things. Make sure you read through their profile to  know the kind of person they are. The same rules apply for people want to make friends outside their common interests and environment.

Be nice and compliment people. The most magical and easiest way to make friend is to be a nice person. The best way friendship spring up is through the act of kindness. If you see people in difficult situations offer to help. The highest ways people connect and become friends is through being supportive and friendly.  Do not frown all the time, wear a friendly smile. It does not make you easy or cheap. Most people think being hostile and hard towards others, make people fears and respect. Its better to be love and appreciated than to be fear. You can not make friends with an icy vibes

Do not always expect people to approach you. The is a popular saying that “if mountain do not go to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to mountain. Get rid of the mentality, that people should always flock around you.

making friends online
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making friends online
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Rejection are the normal elements of life. For the fact that one person does not want to be your friend shouldn’t make you quit trying out others.

Go out often. Sitting in your house will not get you friends, except for those who want to make friend through social media. Loosen up a bit and connect with people.
Remember the key to making friends is to be friendly, nice, open, accepting, connecting, and being a friend to yourself first. It is more important than any other thing. Trust me.