Masturbation Effects | Myth & Reasons People Masturbate

Masturbation Effects

Masturbation is act of stimulating one’s genital organs for some form of sexual pleasures. It is natural thing for some person while others feel embarrass about it. Because its embarrassing to openly talk about the act of masturbating. It’s sometimes awkward situation because of masturbation effects on the individual.

It is believed that men, who masturbate at least 21 times a month have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. The more people masturbate they begin to silence their conscience and they don’t feel guilty. It is done when no one is looking

There are some myths about masturbation effects. It’s rumor that you may go blind if you masturbate excessively. Its also believe that masturbation affect our brain and performance of activities.

Why People Masturbate

Most people resort to masturbation for pleasure. Masturbating give some kind of temporary pleasure and relieve.

Some individuals drift into their private world, through masturbation they believe it will help them deal with their emotional and social issue.

Social interaction anxiety cause people to masturbate and lack of confidence. People deal with insecurities problems through masturbating.

Effects of Masturbation on Individuals

Masturbating sometimes affect sexual performance.  People who masturbate a lot tend to have low sexual performance.

One masturbation effects is that people may accept it as been normal. Because to them it is much easier dealing with it another human and real relationship. Excess of it can have some affect on muscles growth and the on the skin.

Masturbation make people to become selfish lover. It’s also believe that sometimes you can  prefer masturbating to an actual sex and it may hurt your relationship.

It tend to have psychology effect on people who are  addicted to it. Because people hardly masturbate without recalling certain images in their brain or looking at one. People who are addicted to masturbating sometimes replace reality with fantasy. They get lost in thought at a mere sighting of sensual images. They could even masturbate in public, at the sighting of an images that tickle their fantasy.

It’s a sexual gratification method that lead to desiring the real thing. Thereby leading to or reducing rape depending on psychology level of the individual.

Masturbation Persistent Questions

There are some useful questions everyone should have answers to, when it comes to masturbating in order to know your stand in masturbation.

Is masturbation a shameful act?

Why do people  masturbate?

Does it affect your sex life?

If you don’t practice it, what are your reasons and view on it?

What are your reasons for not masturbating?

Is the such a thing as masturbating addiction and how does one get over it?

Does your religion preach against it?

Do you feel guilty afterward?

You can drop your comments and opinion if you have any addition and contradiction.