Natural Mouth- Body Odour with Remedies

Body odour and mouth odour are one of the worst things that can happen to good people. As result of factor from the environment and  plain carelessness. Body and mouth odour arises as result of lack of proper care and good hygiene. It is an  embarrassment, stigma and reputation spoiler for people who suffer from it. Body and mouth odour is a deal breaker in relationships. Nobody wants to be tormented by body and mouth odour demons, most people  can’t  be in the same room with those tormented by the demons of mouth and body odours.

Natural Mouth- Body Odour with Remedies

In most cases of body odour, the victims are not aware of their predicament. Mouth and body odours is not just something that you pick up along the way. It’s imbibed in you from your childhood as a result of ignorance and lack of proper care. Mouth odour becomes a shareholder, because people fail to correct it on time. Although, in some cases people with body and mouth odour pick it up from backsliding on our personal hygiene.

Once a child is born, it’s very essential for mothers to properly care for them with essential personal hygienic products. in order to avoid unnecessary discomfort and embarrassment in the future.
There are few basic ways to cure and avoid body and mouth odour.

Simple and Natural Remedies for Mouth Odour

  • Brush your teeth before and after meal religiously.
  • Use clinical approved mouth wash daily.
  • Use mouth spray as necessary. Let it be one of the essential items in your bag and home.
  • Brush your teeth and tongue properly give more attention to the tongue.
  • Always have chewing gum around you and  don’t hesitate to use them if they needs arises.
  • Use floss after meal to remove hidden food particles.
  • Visit the dentist at least once in a month.
  • Be mindful of the kind of food you eat.
  • Brush, brush and brush until you are delivered from the demons of mouth odour.
  • Eat apple

Simple and Natural Remedies for Body Odour

Body odour requires more work than mouth odour. In fact, If you have those deadly and distinctive body odour. I adviced you soak yourself with chemicals for days, I am kidding though. To overcome body odour
First you must not repeat clothes you have worn and sweated on. If you wear a particular cloth for that day, don’t  dry it under the sun and wear it back without washing it.

Don’t used dirty towel and clothes to dry your body after shower. Many of us know this but will still do it and ended you giving discomfort to others.

Before you wash your dirty clothes, soak them out for 20 to 30 minutes, before washing them. Make sure they are properly dry and not dampy, before you iron them. In addition, when washing your clothes focus more on the armpit, the under pant and neck area.

Used scented soap and detergent it help to reduce body odour.
If you have a serious body odour, make sure you use alum and lime to scrub your body.

Buy good body scrub products. Scrub your body and wait for few minutes before you shower everyday.

Use medicated and antiseptic soap to have your bath with good sponge.

Do not wear dampy clothes. Make sure your clothes are properly dry-clean before you put them on.

Expose yourself to sun and fresh air often.

Always take your bath regularly it’s one of the natural remedies for body odour.