Nigerian Youth Forum | Effective Participation in Government

One of the trending topics was Nigerian youth. Wonder who came up with such topic. Because some Nigerian youth don’t have time for the nation problem except frivolous activities and joke about every thing. Must we joke about every thing?

It is high time some of you visit mountain to bind and cast that 97 demons troubling and preventing you from thinking straight and in  the right direction. You know, in Africa we believe so much on demons, being the author and finisher our misfortunes and stupidity. That whenever something goes wrong the first person we point fingers at is Mr devil. Even if he has no idea of what we accused him of. it is his occupation to take blame for our ignorance and personal conceited evil deeds.

Some Nigerian youths have lackadaisical attitude towards everything around them. No wonder former governor Donald Duke said “Nigeria youths are living like tenants in their own country” I just pray one day we are not ask to move out. Ah! It will be terrible, because we will have nowhere to go. First we are always disagreeing with Ghana about everything. Not sure Togo, Cameron or Benin Republic  will accept us either.  since we are known as the giant of Africa.

Sometimes it is needful to make light of the situation in our country in order to not lose our sanity.  Because if you think so much about everything going on in the country. It is good enough to cause mental illness. So, I believed that is one of the reasons some of the youth with sense of humour usually make those memes, is throw jokes at themselves. But not everyday we have to do that. We need to tackle the situation head up, with all seriousness. No time for games and compromises except it is packaged with the desirable change we so much need in this country.

There are Nigerian youth with passion for a better Nigeria, who want to contribute their own quota in helping the situation, but they are courageous enough to withstand whatever storm coming. Nobody will love to put their lives and that of their families in danger for a  that would not remember them beyond that moment. So we all fold our hands and wait for a miracle from above .

What will be the outcome if the youth decide to carry out a peaceful protest once in a week. Demanding for the benefits of  standing hours to vote, dividend of good government and a better Nigeria as a whole. Will it bring a change or just create more problems for the  Nigerian youth? Or will it results in us losing our freedom and lives totally? I heard 2face Idibia plan a peaceful protest but couldn’t go through with it.

Please wake up Nigerian youth. Let’s find ways we can contribute to a better Nigeria. Let not be mute on the situation. The internet is powerful tool. Used it to bring activated positive change not just frivolous activities.