Older women: why it’s preferable to date them

When it come to relationships there are no rules and limitations. You can love and date whoever you want, except an underage. Older women dating younger men is great, as long the person is above 18 years. The law will not punish you for it.

Older women
France President Emmanuel macron with wife Brigitte


Though society sometime frown at women dating younger men. Calling them all sorts of names and age shaming them. The reality is that people have different preference on the kind of people they fancy and are attracted to. Some date their age mate, some younger, and while others prefer older partners. My focus is on older women dating younger men.

The France President Emmanuel Macron made headline when he married his wife Brigitte. An older woman with the age difference of twenty-five years. There were major criticisms why such a powerful and wealthy man would overlook all the beautiful and young woman to settled for his dearest wife. One thing I know is that President Emmanuel Macron is a wise man.

There are many reason men prefer to date and married older women. Women are fine wine, they get better with age. There older a woman is the better she get with everything. Older women dating younger men is one of the most beautiful and mature relationship. Because older women have been through different phases of life, so they know better.

One thing we should all seek in a relationship is maturity level in the person that why some younger men prefer older women. Yes! age does not determine maturity, but older women have the upper hand when it comes to maturity. The ways and manner they handle things are different from most young ladies. They are more calm and calculated. They do not explode at the slightest provocative. Anyone who love peace usually go for a mature woman. That’s why older women dating younger men keep rising everyday. I am not saying, that young women are not mature. But they are more likely to throw tantrums at every provocation.

An older woman is not afraid to speak her mind, they say what need to be said, they  don’t beat around the bush, but hit the nail on the head while most young ladies will play pranks and afraid to speak up. They will be giving unnecessary attitudes without making known what the problem is. Sometimes this lead to the relationship crashing. But an older lady will sit you down and let you know your wrongs upfront. Older women dating is amazing when the young men are committed.

Forget what people say, older women are so much attractive. Most women get better with age. The older the get the more attractive they become. Because they do not want to age so they take their time to nourish their body and mind. They dress more elegantly and classy. Take Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Mariah Carey and Tina Knowles  for instance. They are super beautiful, attractive and  appealing. Most young men would rather date them than younger ladies.

Older women dating younger men bring in-depth knowledge and wisdom. You can talk to them about everything and anything and expect good solution, in-depth advice and insight quick. They are experience in most areas of life.

They will open your eyes to the opportunities you were not aware of. Their words are few yet powerful. An older woman will not just open her mouth to vomit any trash from it.  She carefully planned out everything and weigh their advantages and disadvantages. No childish behaviour is necessary with her, they know when to play and when not to.

When it comes to older women dating younger men, its involve is less stress. They make up their mind and give answer give answers fast.  Most young ladies would love to play hard to get and waste your time. But an older lady knows what she wants. They will give you her yes or no quickly. They don’t  come up with irrelevant games to keep you hanging. Relationships with them start easy and go smoothly.

Ask for a more smarter, wiser, more accomplished ,respectful, mentor, inspiring people to date and you have yourself an older woman. They will accord with your own much deserved respect. They will not disgrace you in public or on social media. Because they are smarter and wiser. They inspire you to be more and they are source of inspiration. Their lifestyle speaks inspiration.

An older woman will mentor you through life and hard task. They will drive you towards becoming better. Is not like young  ladies do not do these things but older woman are professional at it.

Dating is  an older woman amazing experience and nobody should discourage you from it. Life is an adventure and you should try out other side.  Do not limit yourself.

Older women dating younger men
Kris Jenner and Cory