Palm Wine Health Benefits

Palm Wine Origination

Palm wine is a common drink among the African people. It is extracted from palm tree. The estimated alcohol content in five days fermented palm wine is 4.5%. It can be taken immediately after it extraction or it can be left for fermentation for few days. This will increase it alcohol content. palm wine has many benefits for the body and we will list some of them.

Palm Wine Health Benefits
A glass of palm wine

It’s  believed that it is beneficial for pregnant women, to cure malaria and eyes problem. In some parts of Africa, pregnant women are given a bit of it to drink because of it health benefits.

Palm Wine Benefits

It has a variety of benefits, potassium, iron and other vitamins not only that, it’s good for the eyesight, breast milk production and treats conjunctivitis. It has many benefits. It is also beneficial for pregnant women, which is probably why most pregnant women often enquiry to know how safe it is for them to drink palm wine during pregnancy.

The alcohol content of it may be safe if watered down, and if taken in small quantity. Intake of it, is good if your pregnancy is not high risk because some of the palm wine they sell have mixture of other elements. Also, the alcoholic content of palm wine are not the same largely based on the origin of the palm, the stage of fermentation and distillation. If it is unfermented, it may be non-alcoholic but immediately it’s fermented the alcohol level increase. It is good for pregnant women but if a pregnant woman is reacting negatively to it. She should discontinued the intake of it.

Alcohol content: Drinking palm wine that has lasted for more than three days, has a different effects from the freshly tapped one. Its alcohol content is high because it has undergone fermentation. The percentage of alcohol in it when it is fresh is about 2.3% and it is about 5% when it has undergone fermentation for about four days. If you are taking medication that prohibits you from drinking alcohol, you should avoid  palm wine.

Palm Wine Effects:

  • Light head aches
  • Drunkenness
  • Feeling dizzy
  •  Damage to the liver, heart,  brain and other body organs if taken excessively over the years
  •  excess  drinking of alcohol  can cause   erectile dysfunction in men
  • If a pregnant woman drinks too much it may not be so good for her
  • alcohol, it can cause miscarriages, still births and some abnormalities in babies. It is important for pregnant women to know that alcohol is capable of crossing the placenta into the fetus causing fetal alcohol syndrome. This can lead to mental retardation and make a child to have a low intelligence quotient.