Paylater App | Borrow and Repay Loan on

Paylater app provides it users with the access to get a short time loan and back later. It helps to make those improtum payment when you don’t have enough capital to make a transaction. Paylater app is more like a online financial bank that allow users to borrow money and pay back later with interest. This app basically help users to make quick payment when they don’t have enough cash to pay for their goods and services online.


The official URL of paylater is But for users to be able to borrow money and use  their other features of the app they have to download the app to  their PC or mobile device. It is the paylater app that allow users to borrow and pay back. Paylater just made paying things online much easier especially when you run out of cash to pay for the services or goods.

How to Borrow Money on Paylater App

Open your App Store, download and install the paylater App into your device. Launch the app and Sign up for an account with them. You can use a referral code to sign up if someone refer you there. Type in all your details on the space provided such as your bvn and other personal and bank details. After you have done all these, apply for your loan by entering the amount of loan you want to collect. Ensure it is what you can pay back. Paylater will calculate the amount they want to give you depending on your qualifications. The loan is all yours nowYou can invite your friends to paylater and they can use your referral code

How to Pay Back your Loan on Paylater

When you borrow money from paylater app you are expecting to pay back the loan to get the app going. Below is how to pay back your loan. You can trust paylater with your bank details. They are reliable and trusted.


When the time is due for the payment. The app will deduct the money form your debit card which you connected to the App. Another means to pay back your loan to paylater is through the use of quickteller. Users of this app can use quickteller page to repay their loan. Simply enter your email address, phone number, the amount of the money you want to pay back and the your client identity. With quick tell page small amount of charges are required. With paylater app you don’t have any issue it makes everything better and easier. Ensure that you pay back the money borrowed from paylater to avoid issues.