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Paypal Account Sign Up – Open Paypal Account | PayPal Send Money

by Christy Bassey

PayPal is one of the popular online money transfer platforms and is used by millions of people worldwide to send and receive money. PayPal account sign up is simple and you can do that in two ways. Most users don’t know how to use PayPal to make financial transitions. PayPal can be used to send, as well as receive money online, shop online on thousands of websites, and also as a fast way to send money to someone with an email address.

Paypal Account Sign Up - Open Paypal Account | PayPal Send Money

PayPal offers credit card security to users when they sign up for an account. One good thing users need to know is that Paypal sign up is free and open to all users but it is required that you know the process on how to sign up for an account. If you haven’t done Paypal sign up for an account you can get started and set up your account.

Paypal Account Sign Up How to Sign up

Once you want to get started with Paypal Account Sign Up process make sure you have good internet and a web browser. Then you can follow the below step to setup your account.

  • Enter  www.paypal.com/ng. Click on signup. Select personal or business
  • The personal account is for your personal debit card and business is for your company debit card.
  • Select your preferred country. Enter your email address and password
  • Go to the next page and type other details such as names, date of birth, address and your phone number.
  • Fill in your debit card details and type in your card number, expiry date and the last three digits behind your debit card.

Then go to your email account and click on verify. You have set up or open  PayPal account for yourself. But make sure you complete the setup details to complete PayPal account sign up process.

How to Send Money

To send money through  PayPal is simple, just choose the Send Money option, if it’s there when you check-out and follow the instructions listed below on how to send money. You can also send money by logging into your  PayPal account. This can be found under the Send and  Request tab at the top of the homepage.

How to Receive Money on PayPal 

To receive or Withdraw money from PayPal is simple, click on the Withdraw money icon that is below your balance, and follow the instructions listed. Any money you received is reflected in your PayPal account. You can Just click on Add Money below your balance. To Send, request or withdraw money through the PayPal online payment system is straight forward Just follow the instructions on the page.

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