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PayPal Withdrawals – Withdraw Money From My PayPal Account

by Christy Bassey

PayPal is an amazing online platform that enables a swift and smooth money transfer. Now coming to Paypal withdrawals, with PayPal it is different, but not very complicated. So many people have asked this question, since PayPal is like their main money dealer, withdrawing some money should be something users should have access to.

PayPal Withdrawals - Withdraw Money From My PayPal Account

Well, like I stated before, it is not very complicated, it is just a few simple steps and that it. It is mainly you transferring to your bank account and withdrawing from there and there is a transfer fee included, just a very small fee.

Ways to Transfer PayPal Balance

There are two ways to transfer money from your PayPal account, and they are:

Standard transfer to your bank account: your bank account opened in the U.S and Singapore can be linked to your PayPal account, once you have done that, you can then transfer your balance to the bank account. The fund transfer takes 3 to 5 business days. With this process, the withdrawal fee is depending on the withdrawal amount and the location of the bank.

Instant transfer using your debit card: your PayPal balance can be transferred to an eligible Visa or MasterCard debit card that is linked to your PayPal account. And with this, the fund would be in your card balance just within 30 minutes. The fee amount is always displayed before the transaction is completed.

PayPal Withdrawal

There are so many important things to PayPal withdrawals, and I will be giving you some of them below. They are:

  • Transfers that are made after 7:00PM ET or during weekends or holidays usually takes longer
  • All transfers made are subject to review and might be delayed or even stopped if any issue is detected
  • Money can also be transferred from PayPal balance by requesting a check. And of course there is a fee, and it cost just $1.50 USD
  • Once a request to withdraw is mad, cancelling is not possible, so think it through before deciding to withdraw.

PayPal Withdrawals of Funds from PayPal Account Using Your Computer

  • First, locate your wallet
  • Click the transfer fund icon
  • Click transfer to your bank account
  • Then, follow the remaining instructions to complete the withdrawal process

Paypal Withdrawals Using Your PayPal App:

  • open the app and click the PayPal balance home screen
  • Tap the “Withdraw Funds” icon.

From there, follow the process or instructions to complete the withdrawal process. You can check PayPal account for more information concerning PayPal Withdrawals.

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