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Play Nicki Minaj Empire Game

by Christy Bassey

Nicki Minaj is one of the most successful female rapper. Nicki Minaj empire game is all about her fun,  unique, and colorful life. Nicki Minaj is superstar with many awards and recognition. She has work hard for her fake and fortune.  Nicki Minaj empire game revolves around how you can live your life for a moment, become Hip Hop superstar and live a fun and colorful life. Nicki Minaj empire game can be play by all ages.  It is fun and super exciting games.

Play Nicki Minaj Empire Game

Nicki Minaj empire game is all about the player creating their own personality, their outfit and become a performer and maintain the performer status. With the game the player can build their own reputation and keep growing as a performing as you play the game along. Sample beats are made for you. You can record your song in a studio or use the rap template available to record it. The game provide you with three any rap topic which include partying, lust, confidence, love,  friends and wealth.

How to Download Nicki Minaj Empire Game

The heavy weight Hip Hop star is compatible with iOS and Android device. Below are the steps to download Nicki Minaj empire game to your mobile phone or pc

Go to the Google play store and search for Nicki Minaj empire game. It will hop out. Click on the download icon to start downloading it. Install it on your mobile, Launch the game

How to Play Nicki Minaj Empire Game

After launching the game in your device, you start by creating avatar for yourself,  build a profile for yourself. And  You interact daily with people by going to club. Get immediate boost in your music. Perform in a concert. If your rap game is good enough you will attract Nicki Minaj to invite to one of her show giving you a little shine when you perform as an opening act.

To build your profile more as you play the game to their next level. Engage in street rap battles. Your avatar must represent the personality of superstar rap artist. Dress your avatar in fancy clothes and hairstyle.

You have to rest for some hours to regain back your energy. Before you go on. Then you continue as you play along. To bring an opening act for Nicki Minaj and killing concert. The empire game basically revolves around building your profile and growing as a rapper artist with sense of style.


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