Proton Mail – ProtonMail is Free Encrypted Email

Proton mail is an end to end encrypted mail service that was discovered in the year 2014. Proton mail takes protecting users data importantly, so they make use of client side encryption to protect email content and user data before the emails is being sent to proton server. And this process is not found even in Gmail or, showing you how secure you could be with proton mail. You can gain access to the service using the web client, tor network, or a dedicated iOS and Android apps.

Proton Mail - ProtonMail is Free Encrypted Email

Proton mail is a company organized by the technologies AG, this company is locate in the canton of Geneva. This is also categorized under the top best free email services which is awesome. Proton mail works very well for creating a disposable email address. It is a very good tool especially when it comes to sending encrypted email. And what is best is that it is the only free email service provider with these services. Plus, it is very easy to setup because basically all you need to do is to pick a username and a password. Although the mail doesn’t possess other extension other email have, they still offer some important services like dedicated spam and trash folders.

Proton Mail Services

Although some of the amazing service the platform offers has been stated above, I would just be laying out most of them and more to make it more clear for you. Like I stated before, proton mail offers amazing services even more than you would expect, so be prepared to be amazed. Some of proton mail top amazing services include:

Data Security

All the mail servers are located in Switzerland, meaning all users data is highly and well protected by strict Swiss privacy laws.

End-to-End Encryption (Automatic Email Security)

Like I stated previously, all proton emails are automatically secured with an end to end encryption. Meaning both the owners of proton and other individuals cannot read or gain access to your mail. And because of that, your email cannot be shared with a third party.

Protect Your Privacy

There is no personal information requested when creating an account. By default, proton does not keep any IP logs that can be linked to your anonymous email account. Your privacy is their number one priority.

Free Secure Email

Proton mail wishes to give users access to a free and a well secured email account. And because of that, their code is always open source, and basic mail accounts are always available for free. The feature is not found in Gmail or even other top mail service, and even the ones with the same kind of services offers it at a price. You can also support the program if you wish to by donating or upgrading to a paid and much better account.

Easy to Use

You can make use of proton mail on any device you wish to use without software install. The mail service is also very compatible with other amazing email account. Sending and receiving email can be done the same way you do with other email account.