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Rihanna Movies & Television Appearance

by Christy Bassey

Rihanna Roby Fenty is one of biggest musical stars in the world. She has broken records and set records. Sold millions of record and  saleout tour arena. Rihanna fenty is a music icon and  she still doing more in the Music Industry. Rihanna is also fashion icon and a style legend. She has successfully set standards for others to follow. She slays any outfits. From street wears to high fashion. Riri as she is widely  called by her fans has done so much for herself in the music and fashion industry in a short period of time. One of the industries that Rihanna has not fully conquered is the movies industry. But Rihanna who is fearless and determined is already on the part to set the movie industry on fire with her charm, talent and beauty. So this post focus on some of rihanna movies.

It is kind of sad that Rihanna Roby Fenty is not well celebrated and appreciated in her acting career as she is in her music career. Some do not even know about some of rihanna movies and TV appearances.  And she has done quite a number of movie and she did well in those movies.

Rihanna Movies and  Feature till Date

Bring it on

Rihanna made her acting debut in a featured movie titled bring it on: all or nothing, in 2006. Her cameo in the sequel was short yet memorable and entertaining. After that she was more focused on her music career.


Her next major Film role was in sci-fi and space movie Battleships in 2012. After a long break from her first cameo. Many people think battleships was her first role in a movie. Battleships was was her second. Her performance was great contrary to some views.


Another Rihanna movies added to her credentials was her role in the DreamWorks movie Home. She starred alongside Jennifer Lopez and Jim Parsons. The film is family blockbuster,


It estimated millionaire of dollars. It was so refreshing to listened to Rihanna’s bajan accent voiced in an animated movie. Personally, it was one of my favourite animated movies. It was an alien movieabout friendship and love. tips and Lucy characters played by both rihanna and Jennifer Lopez were awesome.

Rihanna’s next move was to work with the director of Star Trek on a sound track titled Sledgehammer. It was another  space movie.Her vocal were  amazing and magical. It  was one the elements that made the Film successful.

Bates Motel

One of Rihanna’s best performances so far is for the remake of the classic series Bates motel, season three. She played in Jane Leigh role as Marion crane. Rihanna gave an Emmy award deserving performance in the series. Movies critics  were pleased with her performance. She gave her all in this series.

Valerian directed by Luc Besson is an alien movie that starred Rihanna, Cara Delavigne, Dane Dehaan. She played the role of an alien who can changed into different characters ranging from Cleopatra to a sexy dancer. It is a 3D imaginative movie. In this movie, Rihanna once again proved that she has what it takes to conquered the film industry as she did with music and fashion.


So far, Rihanna has improved immensely in her acting skills and she is still doing more. She is working on her next movie  Ocean8 alongside other great actresses, such as Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, Mindy kaling , Helena Bonham and many more. The movie will hit theatre soon. We can not wait to see her display great talent in this film.

A supposed Film is on the way, and we are hoping that it becomes a reality. It a intended movie that originated from a viral meme that contained rihanna  and lupita,  posted by a fan. Which may  still star Rihanna Fenty and lupita nyongo in it.

Fans all over  the world are anxious to see these two beautiful and talented ladies in the allege film. Rihanna has so much to offer in the film  world, she has improved and proven herself. We are delighted by her hardwork in the film and television industry.

Emmy and Oscar Award is in view for her.
So far these are some of the Film Rihanna has starred and featured in. We will be following her career in movie and television industry as she progresses in it. There are much Rihanna has not shown us yet.




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