Save Instagram Live Video | Save Instagram Story and Live Video on your Device

Instagram Is one the most  popular social media Platform, whereby users upload,  like,  comment and do instastory. One feature that made instagram fun is the live videos  by celebrities and their followers on their daily lives. Those instagram videos have a very limited life. It only last for 24 hours before it disappeared. But the good news is that users can save instagram live video on their mobile devices. Aside watching the videos live, user can now download or save the live into their mobile devices.

Save Instagram Live Video | Save Instagram Story and Live Video on your Device

Before users of instagram could not save live video on their phone but now, things have changed for users who broadcast live. Instagram has added a Save feature to its live videos. Users can now save Instagram live video before it disappeared.

How to Save Instagram Live Video

To save instagram live video or download  it on your mobile device, the first step  is to launch your instagram and on your home feed. You will see live video / stories screen. Swipe right on the camera screen, then go to live On this same screen, it will give you an option to save the video. Tap the Save button at the top right and it is done. The video saves in MP4 format which is a common format most apps support. You can also upload the video back on your instagram account, Facebook or twitter. To save instagram live video your app must be updated to the latest one before you can save it on your device.

You can’t save others live video but you can  save their instagram stories. To save instagram live video you have to download the Chrome IG Story extension to your browser. This allow you to  view other users Stories, and get notification. To save the instagram story click on person circular instagram story icon and click on download. And it will save on your device.