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Shazam App | Step by Step Guide on Songs Shazam

by Christy Bassey

Shazam Mobile App is basically  designed to recognize music playing in the background and provides you with the music information.  Such as  the title of the song, artist name Lyrics and more. Shazam app is used by millions of people all over the world to recognize and discover music playing. It use your mobile device  microphone to discover and sample audio from outside and give you information about the song. This app shazam songs playing from anywhere such as radio, television, bar, club and many other places.

Shazam App | Step by Step Guide on Songs Shazam

Users of shazam app can also use the app  to not also discovered music from environment. But they listen to music playing on their own devices if their device microphone is on and active. When you download or install shazam App in your mobile phone. It gives you access to many features such as music identification, information about external audio, songs lyrics, the songs streaming access and more.

How to Use Shazam App to Identify Audio on Your Device

This music identification and streaming app is free app and to used it is simple. Below is a step by step guide to how to shazam a song in your mobile device or PC.

Download and install the shazam app into your device you can download the app on Google Play Store or any iOS play store. Launch the app, select and play any song that is unknown to you. Go back to the shazam App that you launched and click on the capture button,  and the song information will be displayed and add to your shazam tagged list. After you  have identify the songs information, you can proceed to buy the or download or stream the song from  music site such as iTunes, spotify, deezer and more.

Sometimes you may have trouble identifying a particular unknown songs in your device. What you have to do is simple just increased the volume on your device microphone or use.

Benefits and Features of Shazam App

Music lovers and enthusiast who have shazam application installed in their devices have a lot to benefit by staying updated and connected to music everywhere. Shazam has the following features

Connecting and sharing of music, you get to see her your favorites music artist are shazaming when you connect with them and others. Shazam isn’t only for the ear but for the eyes also,  because you can use the camera features to shazam any visual arts in the environment. Identify songs offline and get recommendations on latest songs. Get access to the music lyrics, download or buy the songs shazammed on Music portal.

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