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Single life comes with it territory. Most people do not like being single and some have never been single. Single life is an important and great  experience we must go through once in awhile. It is a terrible thing if some people do not know how to be single and enjoy it. Relationship is super fun and needful but single life should be our goals once in a while. You should aspire to know what its feels like not to be in a relationship.

Single life

Sole Aim of Single Life 

Single life is a time allocated to you to expand your horizons, be better and adventurous. There are too many of us are in a rush to be cuffed as soon as we find freedom. Having freedom do not mean you should be in a relationship sometimes.

Most time being single is better than being in a relationship.That is to say, being lonely is better than being sad. Boring life is better than to be played. Am not advocating for breakups and forever single but simply trying to make you understand, why you should enjoy your single life and not be bitter about being single.

Your life must not be fulfilling and exciting if you constantly need to have someone else in it. It’s essential to have another person in your life but that shouldn’t be all your focus in life. If you not happy in your single life, how do you expect to be happy in relationships.

To live a happy and amazing single life you must learn to enjoy your own company. Walk naked around your house, dance barefoot in the kitchen while making yourself breakfast. Enjoy every moments of your life. Don’t be bitter about your single status. It is just a phrase.

Why most of us are single is because, we  do not like unnecessary drama. Being single afford you the opportunity not to have worries about what the other person is doing. Single life brings peace. Make sure you take that advantage to engage yourself in things that chaotic in nature  and stressful. You can not be having chaos at work and home. Single life is drama free and less hectic. Pursuit your other hectic activities once you are single. It is the right time to do so.

How to Enjoy and Handle Being | Single Life 

People intentionally break up with their partners just to enjoy life. Single life is fun, it is less complicated. You can do whatever you want, be whoever pleases you without hurting the feelings of another person. It is a time for self discovery, purpose finding, and goals chasing.

When you are single be ready to gain weight and hit the gym often, because you will add up. You do not have extra mouth to cook for and feed. You can eat whatever and however with feeling guilty or having another person remind what size you should be.  It is a time to fulfil your guilty pleasure and also have time to work on yourself and get fit.

Another way to rock your single life is to take a shot and toast to every man and woman you hate. Drink that wine and trash  every man and woman who caused you pain. Don’t hesitate to slander their names with your girls and boys in a light manner. it will help you cope. But you shouldn’t do it in a hateful ways. Don’t take it deeper. Just fun trash them with your bottle of wine while listening to Hip Hop and rock music with less romantic lyrics.

Get busy. let your schedule be fully booked at all time. Do not lazy around. Single life is one the best time to cash in on your coins. Make sure you write out every plans and work to towards achieving  some of them before entering a relationship.

Enjoy your own company and love yourself. The only way you could successfully go through single life without regrets is all about loving yourself. The power of self-love can never be over emphasised.

We are all born powerful and beautiful beyond measure. It’s either we know and accept it or allow people convince us otherwise. Do not let your value and self-worth be determined by any anyone. Sometimes is it boring not having someone to talk to. Don’t let that weigh you down, talk to yourself and always invite friends over. Do all the goofy, weird and absurd things with your friends when you are single. Because some relationships will not accord you that time.

Create exceptionally memories with your friends and family. Some relationships is so demanding that you will not have much time for something. But the memories  you created will keep you going.
Single life is not a curse or boring it depend on how you handle and manage it. Make the most of it while it last.