Soundcloud Free Upload | how to Upload & Share Music

Soundcloud is one the largest music streaming and sharing site. It allowed users to share, listen and upload their personal music free to the site. Soundcloud free upload and sharing platform is one of the world large site with over 150 tracks and counting. Many new and upcoming artistes in the world first shared their music and audio through  sound cloud. Which help them get better recognition worldwide. Users can also download music content from sound cloud depending on if the artist want their song downloaded by his or her fans. And they will make it available for  downloading.

Soundcloud Free Upload | how to Upload & Share Music

For users and artists to Do their sound cloud free upload and share their music content. They could  either download the sound cloud app from play store or use the web platform through with their browser. You have a full package with sound cloud  because you can either use the web or mobile  version depending on what works for you. You still going to get your songs uploaded on soundcloud free of charge except you are a pro user.

How to Upload Music on Sound cloud

To upload your music and audio content to soundcloud  is free of charge. As an artist you have to create account with them to upload your music. If you don’t have account already. You can create account  through your Facebook or Google Plus  account. To sign-up all you need is an email address, accurate and easily to remember and  difficult for others to guess password. And recaptcha to show that you are human. You decide to use the free upload or be a pro user.

Soundcloud free upload require the artist or promoter of the track to have and do the followings.

A good browser, and some of the browser supported by soundcloud free upload is Chrome browser, Safari browser, Firefox browser, Microsoft edge and others. You can’t used your mobile phones to upload to sound cloud. You need a desktop computer. And also the maximum content size you can upload is 5GB.

The upload button is on the top page, click on it  and choose whether to upload  or record to sound cloud. Choose the upload option. Select your track. Put some description, tag, title and metadata to help people find your song easily and for index purpose. Your song songs stand a better chances of indexing based on your tag, metadata and description.

After that you click on the upload icon. Your track will be automatically uploaded into sound cloud. Your fans can download and share it. You may as well promote it through sound cloud or other platforms by using the share button. It is as simple as that to share and do your sound cloud free upload