Spotify Free Music Streaming Features Review is one of the largest music site and App that give users access to spotify free streaming of songs from their favorite artistes. Users can also download track from spotify. To enjoy and get access to the music of your choice you can download spotify streamer or it app spotify music if it is available in your country. This spotify music app has a free version  and premium version for users depending on their choice. There are millions of music,  concert and videos on spotify. You can download the spotify music app on Google Play Store if it is available in your country.

Spotify Free Music Streaming Features Review

With spotify free music app and sign up you can enjoy these benefits. You can either use the free version or go premium. Below are some of the features of spotify free version and premium version

With spotify free music app and sign-up you can listen to a full album and create your own playlists. The app is easy to use and the songs selection are amazing. There are millions of old and new songs in the music app.

Discover and Search features  which users can use to find for any of their favorite artistes and track of their choice.

There is a control button such as play, pause, stop and next which help you to regulate the track you are streaming.

Spotify displayed information on every track and it art cover.

Users can do spotify free streaming anywhere and with your mobile phone, Tablet, and  television.

Doesn’t it annoy you when adverts keep popping up when you are navigating through any app but with spotify premium version is all about the music no unnecessary adverts.

The use of offline playlist, you can download music and listen to them when you are out of Internet connection With spotify.

In some countries spotify is not available but they are working on launching it. To get update on when the app is launch, you can provide your email address on their site.

Spotify has new release music, chart topping songs, podcast and videos features.

Users can stream live concert and you can choose your music based on your preferred  genre and mood with spotify music.

To get access to music all over the world and  both classic and latest hit you can sign-up for these benefits, if the app is launch in your country. You could sign-up through  Facebook or with your email address. With email sign up you need valid email address, password, a name, date of birth, choose your gender, confirm your humanity with and sign up.