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Tinder Dating – Is Tinder a Dating Site or Hook Up | Tinder Dating App

by Christy Bassey

Keep A Short Profile Details or A Tight One on Tinder Dating
One thing you should not be doing is making a long profile about yourself, simply because the more you try to extend your profile, the more the exaggeration. Just add only information that you think others need to know about you.

Tinder Dating - Is Tinder a Dating Site or Hook Up | Tinder Dating App

Meet UP as Early as Possible on Tinder Dating

The more you get to wait to meet up with your date the harder or even scarier the date will be for you. This is because, as you chat, you gradually create a fantasy of what the person looks like, and in most of our fantasy, they are always perfect especially when you feel you and the person are not in the same class. If you wait in the end you might just either disappoint the person or the person disappoint you because both of you may look different from your fantasy on Tinder Dating.

Make Sure There Is A Second Date

Unless your first Tinder Dating went terribly wrong or was even horrible, make sure you request for a second date. Most time on our first date, we often get too shy to present the best version of ourselves. So, we need to give second chances to really know who we are dealing with.

Meet up Somewhere You Feel You Want to Go

It is unwise to go somewhere you do not like, you just need to be honest to both your date and yourself from the beginning.

There are other things you should do when meeting up with a date. but these stated above are really necessary to make sure you look and you are more like your tinder bio.

How to Set up a Dating Profile on Tinder

After reviewing the features of the Tinder dating as well as the meaning of what the platform stands for. you can actually set up a dating profile in which you can display on various dating account to connect with someone. However setting up a Tinder dating profile is free, just use the following steps to set the account:

  • Go to www.tinder.com by using a secure web browser.
  • Click Sign up from the homepage.
  • select the account you want to register the account on.
  • By clicking the option “Login in with Phone number or “Login with Facebook.

hence, by selecting an option you then need to provide the required details. For instance, you need to provide your Facebook account login details or your phone number. Then other requirements can follow as well using the on-screen instructions.

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