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Toxicwap is one of the top site for movies, tv series, music, wallpaper, e-book, videos,   and games download. Files on Toxicwap site  can be downloaded in 3gp, MP3, mp4 and avi format. is also used as their promotional site whereby artists and other content provider can create their ideas and share with the world through this site. is the official download site while most of their promotion of music is done in As a result of this users can upload and promote their content and music on this site. Toxicwap free upload and promotion of music can be officially done on

Toxicwap Free Upload | How to Upload & Promote your Music on is one of largest and popular music, videos and games site. So when your upload your music to toxicwap site be rest assured that it will be accessible by millions of people.

I know some musical artist and other content provider are always looking for that site to upload their musiccontent to that will reach a wider audience, users and fans. Toxicwap free upload offer you the opportunity to do so. Toxicwap free upload and promotion offer you the chance showcase your musical genius with the rest of the world through this groundbreaking platform

To upload your music and other content to is very easy and simple. It doesn’t require much. You need a browser to enter their official URL, your PC or tablet, email address and an active Internet data. When you have all these in place. Enter the official URL in your browser and it will take you to their home page. You will see many categories. Click on Music category and it will open different options for you. Navigate a little down and you will see the option upload your music for promotion. Click on it and it will open the instructions for you and how you can carry out your toxicwap free upload.

After you have done that, the next step is for you to start your upload. To upload  your music to toxicwap you have to send an email to and attach your music to the email . Remember you must indicates that you wish to have your music uploaded for promotion. So that it will be promoted and your email will not be ignored. The upload is for the sole aim of promoting musical artist and upcoming music enthusiast On this site.

When you have done this your music will be promoted for you on the toxicwap platform. Which is one of highly visited and largest music download site.