Woman vs Man a Collection of Poems on Gender and Cultural Differences

Woman vs man is a collection of poems on gender and cultural differences.
Man has been plagued with the persistent internal conflict and often subconscious question of who is indispensable of the two dominant sexes – male and female. This inner contest often leads to sporadic outburst because “…out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh.” says the holy bible.

Woman vs Man Compiled by Sandra Adeyeye Review | Poems on Gender & Cultural Differences
woman vs man by Sandra T. Adeyeye

In this book woman vs man compiled by Sandra T. Adeyeye, six writers – three male and three female – answer this burning burden by helping to align our thoughts, shaping it and bringing the qualities of each gender to the fore.

It also explains with vivid and succinct illustrations the expectations required of them as depicted in BREADWINNER by Tolutope Fasuyi, A MAN by JB Mairubutu and MALLEABLE MAN by Dorcas Andrew all the while laying bare their exceptional strengths which almost doubles as their perpetual bane as seen in MASCULISM by Tolutope Fasuyi, I AM by Anwuli Roseline and FEMININE RAGE by Dorcas Andrew.
The constant conflict inherent between both species is explored in KING OF EDEN by JB Mairubutu, MAN’S PRIDE by Frank Omamus Uviase and THE TUSSLE by Isabella Anito and yet the undeniable need for each other is rife in this work as shown in WHEN A MAN LOVES by JB Mairubutu. The writers aptly elucidate and expatiate on their respective qualities trying to gain an edge one over the other thus continuing the oldest cold war in human history.

However, this book makes emphatic efforts to create enlightenment on the SWOT of each sex by highlighting the consistent rivalry that rampage our minds and transcends to our actions which is why when a man feels “….. Strength with my muscles, I must to rule….” In PHENOMENAL MAN, a woman believes that “…. her weakness withstands the strength of a thousand…..” in I AM. Where a man sees that although they are “….. Born equal, yet unequal” in EQUAL UNEQUAL, a woman sees no difference between her and the male gender because to her “….. Equal are we in mind and spirit, equal we are, equal we remain….” in WE ARE EQUAL. When a woman feels that “…I am wise and acquire more from the errors I make…” in HER STRENGTHS, a man is convinced that “…This flower burgeons only in the tenderness of a man…” in WOMAN.

This book woman vs man therefore is a must read and perhaps in reading, an individual may be able to find closure or open old wounds. The aura in which the words are projected has the ability to provide answers and at the same time open the door to intricate new questions. The rationality embedded in each line opens up new vistas in already laid down norms.
However, while people may see the obvious singular uniqueness of each of them, I see two crude potentials fitly joined to form a refined whole and the mystery of two imperfect beings creating a perfect entity.

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