Wooing a Modern Lady Guidelines

Ladies are the toughest creatures out the. They are  complicated and difficult to understand. You can never fully know a lady or know what she is up to. Even women themselves don’t understand each others. Most ladies don’t  fully understand themselves either. They will do things and make some decisions that could even shocked them. You would read thousand of books on how to understand or woo ladies and you will still fail woefully. Yet ladies are the loveliest beingmodern lady wooing guidelines on earth. They are so precious, fragile and fabulous. Women and their characters are perfect oxymoron. They are hard yet soft at the same time.

How to Woo a Lady and Win her Hearts 

Winning a woman’s heart is not an easy task. The menfolk believed that ladies are easily moved by words not sight. That notion has changed for some ladies. Some women are hard nut to crack. No amount of sweet talk can move them. Most especially the modern ladies. It takes work and dedication to woo ladies. The modern ladies are full package. In one of my post, I emphasized about the attributes of a modern lady. You should read it up. It may be useful.

Things that Modern Women want in a Man 

A modern lady is a very independent and hardworking woman. She works for her own and does not totally depend on a man to do it for her. She is a bosslady and has her own things going for her. So if you as a man think to you can use your money to buy  her affection or intimidate her, you are on a wrong start. It’s good to spend money a lady but don’t do it in a disrespectful way. She may feel you want to buy and objectified her. A lady does not like men using their money to cajole her, it is an insult to her.


Modern ladies desires respect too. The main reason they work hard to empower themselves is to be respected in the society. No lady want to be treated like a trash or doormats by anyone. Be mindful of what you do or say. Don’t try to bring her down by or undermine her achievement no matter how tangible it is. Give her the respect she needs, then you will win her heart forever.

Respect come in many forms. Respect her by not ever hitting her. Hitting ladies could make them feel disgusted with themselves. The stigmatization may lead to lost of self-worth. A modern lady may not take it likely if you hit her. Because she will feel you do not respect or value her.

Cheating on  a modern lady will get you no where far with them. The moment you cheat she is will show you the door or walk away.  They don’t have they patience like our grandmothers.

She wants her mind, body, dreams, aspiration and career to be respected by you. Do not make her feel like her career is not important. If you want her to quit her job, you have to do it in a respectful manner and give her solid reasons. If she doesn’t agree do not stretch it.

Let her be herself

A Modern lady doesn’t want her degree to go to wastes. She wants your encouragement towards achieving her goals, dream and aspirations. You have to be super supportive.

You must respect her body. When she say no you have to honour it.

Modern ladies wants to date a man who is versatile, ambitious and adventurous. They do not need a lazy and mummy’s boy type of a man. They want a man that can take and make decisions quick and smooth. They want  strong and capable hands that’s always there to support them financially, mentally and emotionally. They do not want a coward but a manly man. Manly man is not all about muscles or display of egos.

To date a modern lady you must be an advocate for issues that affect women. Do stand on the fence. Women find it attractive when men support their course. Be sensitive and understanding. Women are complicated being.  You have to be sensitive to  details. Understand them and do not judge them.  Then you can date any woman and enjoy it.