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Yahoo Mail Account Login – Yahoo Mail Sign Up Create A New Account

by Christy Bassey

Nevertheless, Yahoo mail account login is the simple step to log in to your Yahoo mail sign up create a new account. It can be very stressful for people who have little or no idea about it. Currently, yahoo mail is a popular mailing platform so I find it difficult to believe that people don’t know what yahoo mail is. Yahoo mail is a mailing platform just like Google mail. Just like Google mail, yahoo mail is a web application that was developed by yahoo. This application allows people to communicate with their friends all over the world.

Yahoo Mail Account Login - Yahoo Mail Sign Up Create A New Account

Yahoo mail account login can easily be done from any device you find yourself using. There are several ways to log in to your yahoo mail account depending on the platform you find yourself using. For instance, you can log on to your yahoo mail account on the mobile app or the website. Now that you know what yahoo mail account login is all about, let’s look into the yahoo mail app.

Yahoo mail App Download

In the meantime, the yahoo mail app is compatible with a wide range of devices. This app can easily be downloaded from the yahoo website or the app store on your device. Follow the steps below to download the yahoo mail app on your device.

To Download Yahoo Mail App:

  • Open the app drawer on your device and launch the mobile store. It can be the Google play store or the iOS store.
  • Next, hit the search bar and type in “Yahoo Mail”.
  • After typing in the search term, hit the enter key.
  • You would now be redirected to the app page on your device. Simply scroll down to find the install button and click on it.
  • After downloading, the app would be automatically installed on your device.

That’s how to install the yahoo mail app on your device. Moreover, that’s how you go about the process of download the application on devices like Android, iPhones, and other mobile devices as well.

Yahoo Mail Account Sign Up

Before we go into the sign-in options, you should know that you would not be able to sign in to a yahoo mail account if you don’t have one. This is why I brought out the steps to download a yahoo mail account. Follow the steps below to sign up for a new yahoo mail account.

To Sign Up For Yahoo Mail Account:

  • Therefore, open your web browser and Visit the official yahoo website at www.yahoo.com.
  • On the website simply locate and click on the “sign in” icon. Now you might be confused right here as you may be saying you do not have a yahoo account, so why am I saying click on sign in. never the less, you have to trust.
  • Lastly, on the sign in page, simply ignore the places you are asked to input your login credentials and look for the icon indicating you should create an account.

Once you find the icon, simply click on it and enter your account details, also you will have to choose a well desired and secured password.

Yahoo Mail Account App Login

Finally, if you want to login to your existing yahoo mail account, simply follow the steps below;

To Login to Yahoo Mail Account:

  • Hence, open your web browser and proceed to the yahoo mail website at www.yahoo.com.
  • When the site opens, hit the “Sign In” button at the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, enter your login details to sign in.

After that, hit the “Sign In” button and that’s it. Keep in mind, another option you can consider is “remember me” this will enable you not to go through the same process of sign in to your account again.

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