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Yahoo News is one of the best online news you would find today. there is more than you know on the platform since it carries the best and most current news you would find anywhere. Yahoo covers news in so many different countries and in so many different languages. And one of the most popular languages yahoo news is being covered is in English. Yahoo news English is one of the most accessed when it comes to yahoo news simply because more countries use the English site more than other yahoo news sites.

Yahoo News English - Yahoo News

Yahoo news English is mainly about news based on the US more than in other countries. on the site, you get to access so many amazing news like politics, entertainment news, sports, health and more. there is more to the things happening around us currently than we even know about. And yahoo news is here to make sure we gain access to most of them. Using gives you news that is already in English, and this is the main URL when it comes to yahoo. When using yahoo based on other countries with other languages as their main language, yahoo makes use of their language instead.

Translating yahoo news from other yahoo web portal to English

If you have made use of sites based on other languages, then you should know how to translate to English. Well, in case you have not done it before, it is a lot easier than you think. You can even translate the site’s language before opening the site. Well, in case you do not know how to do it, below are steps on how to translate to from other languages to English.

This step only works when you are in English-speaking countries or countries with English as their main language. If you are in an Arab speaking country, it will translate the to Arab instead, the same goes for other countries. when you open the yahoo web portal based on other country’s language, a box indicating that you should translate to English would display, click translate and that is it, the site would be translated for you.