YouTube Video Categories

YouTube is the world largest videos sharing App. This app allowed content creators to create their video for their fans and audience. YouTube is one of the must have app on every mobile phones. It play high quality video without buffering. There are so much to do with YouTube app you can create your own channel, your account, create a playlist and upload videos for others to view. Creating YouTube video is simple and quick and the basic things you need is your PC or tablet.

YouTube Video Categories Review

This video sharing, uploading and streaming app has different sections for the creator and and audience to explore and there are

Home Page – home is where recommended YouTube videos are packed. When you open your app it will take you to the homepage where videos are recommended based on your location. On the home page you can search for YouTube video of your choice. YouTube search has auto complete  features which makes it easier to search.

Trending – trending YouTube videos are the latest release and uploaded videos liked and viewed by audience. These videos are mostly music videos, news and comedy skits.

Subscriptions – On this section of YouTube page you to subcribe for your desire channel. When you subscribe  you get update on the latest video from creators of the channel you love.

Activity and Library – on the library you have your history, that is the YouTube video you have watch previously, my videos and watch later. You have to personalize everything for your own pleasure.

YouTube app offers content  creator a platform to share their personal experience, wisdom, tips, opnions with their audience. YouTube video has different categories of videos and channels based on the viewers preference. There are YouTube channel such as cooking channel, couple vlog, music cover chanel,  celebrity gossip channel, prank channel, educational chanel such as varitasium,  Comedy and videos skit chanel such as epic rap battles of history.

These YouTube video and chanel are arranged in categories to make it easier for the content creator and advertiser to capture their desire audience easily. Below are some of the YouTube video categories you subscribe to or create

Sports – There are many Chanel on sports such as  WWE, world Ruby, perfect dude and more

Music – there are channel for Music video by artists such as  Justin tin Bieber, Katy Perry,  Ariana Grande Taylor Swift and more.

Comedy – This maybe one the most popular subscribed channels on YouTube because people love anything that make them laugh. such as the annoying orange, powerful JRE, college humor, the epic rap battles of history, just for laugh fag and more.

Film and Entertainment is another channel audience love.

Gaming video such as  screw attack, faze adapt, the film theorists, Jack septic eye and more other amazing videos.

How to and tutorials on App and software trouble shooting, makeup, and product review is one of the most subscribed channel. Creators and audience love making and watching on how to

Beauty and fashion channel is also popular YouTube video channel. Youtuber such as Niki and Gabi, Brooklyn and Bailey and others are one of the most popular that run beauty and fashion channel.

Cooking and Health – Gordon Ramsay, Chef Mama Rosa, and more create videos on food and healthy living.

Technology, news and politics videos are love by it audience. There are channel such as inbox therapy, tech smarty, majority report by Sam Seder, CNN and other educative, informative and entertaining YouTube videos and channel.